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Who Buys Denver Houses For Cash?

This economy may be good for buying a house, but selling a house is another story. For homeowners that are facing a possible foreclosure, the desperation has them asking “who buys Denver houses for cash?”

Well, believe it or not, there are cash buyers for houses in any condition at fair market value. And there are three other options to consider as well, which is what we to talk about here today.

#1 Investors Are Paying Cash With Fast Closing

If you are need a cash buyer and quick closing for your Denver, CO house, Property Scouts is an investor that can do that. We have cash on hand, and we don’t require an appraisal, inspection, repairs, nor do we expect you to clean and stage the house!  We buy as is for top dollar in cash with a 7-day closing. Call us today at call us directly at 866-366-4863 and let’s talk!

However, if you are wanting to get the full market value for your house, and you aren’t in a hurry, the next option is for you.

 #2 Real Estate Agents Are Getting Top Dollar Value

If you haven’t received Notice of Default yet, then you may have more time and can list your house with a real estate agent. You’ll need to make repairs, have the house cleaned and staged, work around scheduled showings, and keep the house clean. Then hope the appraisal and inspection agree with the price you’re asking when you do get a buyer. And don’t forget, you’ll be paying the real estate agent anywhere from 3% to 6% when you do have a buyer that is ready to close.

We recommend that you interview at least 5 real estate agents that are local and have them tour your house and give you a game place and price point they will work in your favor. Ask what property websites they will be listing your house and what other means of marketing do they utilize. You can offer the agent you choose an incentive if they can sell your house by a specific date in addition to the commission.

#3 FSBO For Cash

According to real estate experts, approximately 90 percent of all home buyers begin their property searches online today. Placing your house for sale yourself could take some time because you won’t have access to all the websites a real estate agent does. So, if you aren’t in a hurry to sell your Denver, CO house, then “For Sale By Owner” may be the way for you. You won’t be paying that commission fee, a money saver for you.

If you have time to wait to get your house sold… and the time to show potential buyers your house as they come calling… selling your Denver house “For Sale By Owner” may be a good fit. You can use CraigsList and other websites to place your own ad, ask local realtors if they’ll let you place your house their website for a fee. Be sure your ads have several pictures, clear and well-lit pictures of your house, inside and outside, with your ad.

So, who are these cash buyers for Denver houses?

If the last two options are not appealing to you, and you realize you are under a timeline pressure, then selling to a real estate investor is the best way for you. Eliminate that 3 to 6 months, or longer for the typical real estate process and pay that 3% to 6% commission. Eliminate the appraisal and inspection process, no showings, just you and a real estate investor with cash is all you need.

There are many options for selling Denver houses for cash today. Click here and get some cash selling tips or complete our web form below  and one of our agents will contact you with a cash offer for your house. Or give Property Scouts a call at 866-366-4863.

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Who Buys Denver Houses For Cash?

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