How Can You Know If A “We Buy Houses in Denver Company Is A Credible Company?"

How Can You Know If A
“We Buy Houses in Denver Company
Is A Credible Company?”

How Can You Know If A “We Buy Houses in Denver Company Is A Credible Company?

You can drive all around the Denver area and any direction you look, you’ll see an advertisement with “We Pay Cash For Denver Houses!” or “We’ll Pay You Cash For Your Denver House”. But how do you know if these companies are credible, honest, and legitimate?

While they may all look to be the same, some differences between them will tell you if they are credible, honest, and legitimate. Things that will tell you if they are somebody you should work with or ignore the advertisement.

A Respectable Profession

There is a respectable, valid profession in buying and selling Denver, CO houses.  Those business help communities and those who have houses to sell in those communities. Companies like Property Scouts that are credible and honest with a true ethical background are here to improve the neighborhoods we buy into. We are working to improve each neighborhood, one property by one property at a time.

But, like any other profession, there are some people that can give it a bad name and tarnish the reputation for everyone. The dishonest, shady characters that are out for nothing more than making a quick dollar with no concern about their client’s well-being. They would just as soon stab their own family in the back while having them sign a contract to sell their Denver property for cheap.

Property Scouts Is Here To Honestly Help

We have advice and tips to share with you that will help you know the difference between a shady house buyer and an honest house buyer. One will want to buy your house for pennies on the dollar while a credible and honest company like Property Scouts will always offer a fair price that will be paid in cash the day you close.

But first, let’s review the goal of honest Denver house-flippers:

1). They are paying cash to home sellers so they can move on with their lives and improve their living standards quicker. We realize there are many reasons that people need to sell their house for cash fast, such as growing mounds of medical expenses or the need to relocate for family matters or a new job. Not only does Property Scouts pay cash, but we have closings within 7 days, sometimes faster.

2). Property Scouts helps sellers unload properties that are more of a burden than an asset and we do it without all the usual real estate hassles. No appraisal. No inspections. No house showings.

3). We are creating jobs in the Denver, CO area by hiring contractors, electricians, plumbers and more. While we aren’t the traditional real estate company, we still need brokers, loan officers, title reps, and other miscellaneous levels of administrators throughout our process. Over 80 people are needed during an average real estate transaction, so with each house, Property Scouts buys, we have created jobs for many people.

4). We contribute to the American economy by purchasing the materials and products needed to improve the properties we purchase. Our purchases help create and maintain American jobs in distribution centers, factories, supply stores, timber mills, and more.

5). Property Scouts increases the value of Denver, CO neighborhoods by improving the properties we buy. We have taken an abandoned house and turn it into a home that a family will want to live and prosper in.

6). We increase the tax base for Colorado cities because we’ve increased the value of the property, which increases the taxes. Those taxes are what keeps public services going like fire and police protection, street improvements, and schools. All of which are benefits and improvements for any Denver neighborhood.

This Is Not A Get Rich Scheme

The shows on television have given most people the impression that house-flipping is a scheme to get rich quick, but that isn’t the reality that Property Scouts works with. There are many moving parts to this business and this requires us coordinating constantly with many different companies and people to keep things on the right track.

So, how can you tell if a company is a credible, honest company like Property Scouts or not? There are several open-ended questions you can ask a potential Denver, CO house buyer that will tell you if they are credible, honest, knowledgeable, and have a reputation you can trust. Questions like these:

  • How are your clients helped by you?
  • What does your company do for this community?
  • What different services do you offer?
  • What makes you the proudest of your company?
  • How would you explain your philosophy in investing?
  • What guarantee do you offer to close on my house when you say you will?

To tell if a “We pay cash for houses” is legitimate or shady, here are some tell-tale signs to look for:

  • They close the deal at your kitchen table – A legitimate Denver, CO property buyer will have you meet at a third-party professional office that is staffed with an attorney and/or a title agent.  If they are offering to come to your home and close the deal at your kitchen table, be aware!
  • You’re pressured to close fast – A property buyer that is on the up and up will never try to force you into a quick closing. A reputable Denver, CO house buyer will make an offer and give you a time frame to decide, usually from two to seven days or longer. Here at Property Scouts, our deadlines are in place to protect you and us from market changes that can affect the value of your Denver, CO home.

Because we buy so many properties every month and we have the cash reserves in place so that when we do make an offer, we can make good on it within the time frame we establish with you for closing the deal. 

Most real estate scammers are looking to score quickly without much “interview” time with the seller. They will have an excuse ready to complete the call so they can move on to the next person, hoping it is somebody that doesn’t have a lot of questions.

The honest, legitimate investors will operate openly about their Denver, CO buying services, and work to create a long-term relationship with their sellers and the community around the house they buy.

If you are approached by a “we will you pay cash for houses in Denver, CO today”, ask questions! If they are legitimate, they’ll answer them without hesitation. If they are scammers, they’ll be gone before you hang up the phone.

Or contact Property Scouts by completing this form or call us today at 866-366-4863.

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