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Are you looking to sell your house with out spending any money in Denver? If you have a Denver house you want to sell, but you don’t have the money to fix it up, or you don’t want to go through the whole real estate process, you do have other options. Here at Property Scouts, we know that every property in this market and every person’s situation is different. We also know that the costs involved and the time it takes for a house to be placed on the MLS isn’t the best process in every case.

To even begin the traditional real estate process, there are repairs to make, replacements to purchases, extensive cleaning, and upgrading to be done. And then staging and marketing the home can be tiring. So, what other choices do you have to sell your Denver house?

Sell The House “As-Is”

A Denver, CO house can be sold as-is by working directly with a buyer, meaning FSBO (for sale by owner), or you can list the house yourself on the Denver MLS. Or you can sell the house in as-is condition to a real estate investor, which is usually the fastest way and you’ll walk away with cash in hand at closing.

The common house buyer is looking for a house that is ready move-in, needing nothing more than their own personal touch. But this requires the seller to spend money on repairs and it can take some time to get the house MLS and photo-ready. According to BankRate, you can expect to spend about 10% of the price of the house when you list it on the MLS.

If you are selling the Denver house as-is, and it needs to be cleaned or there are apparent repairs need, the house won’t photograph well for the traditional real estate process. In that situation, the property could sit on the market even longer than the usual 3 to 9 months. And when it does sell, it won’t be a top dollar and the real estate agent will still get their commission.

Is There A Right Buyer For Your Denver House?

Yes, there is a right buyer for all types of homes in any condition. While most buyers prefer the move-in ready house, there are many that want a house in need of repairs. They don’t mind a Denver, CO house that needs work, even if it doesn’t have that MLS picture-perfect appeal.

In fact, there are people that prefer houses that aren’t picture perfect and in turnkey condition. Like Property Scouts, a Denver real estate investor. We buy those Denver, CO houses that are run-down and need repairs. We pay cash for those houses and provide the sellers with a fast closing, usually within seven days.

We help sellers that want a hassle-free selling process without any hang-ups and issues. Not every real estate investor is like us though, and any seller should be thorough in choosing a reputable firm. We give every Denver seller that contacts us a realistic offer and you’ll bypass the appraisal and inspection period that the traditional real estate process requires. By selling to Property Scouts, you eliminate the possibility of the sale collapsing at the last minute.

How and Where You Can Save When Selling your Denver House

Sellers in the Denver market are faced with numerous costs to get it listed. The repairs, replacements, and even possible upgrades if they want to be competitive in the market. Some homeowners choose to do the decorating, staging, even taking the pictures themselves instead of paying a professional.

Even after the house is listed, they still have the expenses of upkeep like the insurance, maintenance, taxes, and the utilities. And if they have signed on with a realtor when the Denver, Colorado house does sell, there are the appraisal and inspection fees, and then the real estate agent commission. A seller can expect to be out thousands of dollars to get their house sold the traditional method. And then there is the stress for both buyer and seller waiting for the loan to be approved.

Quick Closings Are Not Always Possible

If a seller is lucky to have an interested buyer that wants a quick closing, it can save both parties thousands. The longer it takes for a house to sell, the more it is costing the seller. The traditional real estate process to sell a Denver house can take months, even years. But selling directly to a buyer or a real estate investor like Property Scouts, you can save money and time.

There aren’t any financial requirements to be met when selling to us. We offer a quick closing, so you won’t be paying the insurance, maintenance, taxes, or utilities for months on end.  We won’t require you to make repairs or clean the house for pictures and showings.  And you’ll have cash in hand at closing! You will be done with your Denver house and free to move on to the next chapter in your life.

There Are Several Options To Sell a Denver, Colorado Home

The real estate market is confusing today, but when you contact Property Scouts, we can walk you through the process and make it easier to understand and navigate. Contacting us won’t cost you anything and you won’t be obligated to work with us by allowing us to make you an offer for your Denver house. So why not call us today at 866-366-4863!

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Sell Your House Without Spending Any Money!

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