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Do You Need To Relocate – But Need To Sell Your Denver, CO House First?

Are you relocating and need to sell my house in Denver, CO fast? Whether the need to relocate is for a job, family illness, or any other reason, it can be a challenging process, especially if you own your home. Here at Property Scouts, we get phone calls weekly from people telling us “I have to relocate, and I have a house in Denver, Colorado and I need to sell it fast”.

And they soon learn that is the best phone call they’ll make to get their relocation going! Why? Because we can help almost any homeowner sell their house fast! How? We are buying houses in and around the Denver, Colorado right now, paying cash and setting up quick closings.

When you’re selling a house, the details can be insane when you go through the traditional real estate method. And when you add the stress of having to relocate and need to sell quickly, the stress mounts even more. Moving can be dramatic, but when you’re under pressure, it can be almost debilitating. Property Scouts can help ease this difficult situation for you.

Instead Of Agonizing – Get Organized!

One of the worse things that can happen in this situation is having two mortgage payments, one of which is your former home. In addition to the mortgage, you’ll need to keep it maintained, keep the insurance, taxes, and utilities paid on it as well. This can get expensive, not to mention the worry of it being vandalized.

The Denver, CO market is good right now, but in the real estate industry, that can change at any given moment. Property Scouts has heard many horror stories over the years, and if you’re like the majority of us, you don’t have a bottomless bank account, so waiting out the traditional real estate method isn’t the best solution.

So, if you’re relocating from the Denver, CO area, what other options to do you have to sell your home fast?

Property Scouts Recommendations For A Quick Sale So You Can Get Relocated And Move On With Your Life

  1. Find out the value of your Denver, Colorado houseThe traditional way is to contact a reputable local real estate agent, or you contact Property Scouts. We will evaluate your home and give you an offer at no obligation or pressure to work with us.  By knowing what the value of your home is, you can determine if the local real estate market is ready for your house or if it may take a while to sell.
  2. Determine how quick you need to sell your Denver, Colorado house once you have relocated: This is the biggest issue of relocating. It isn’t unusual for a house to sit on the market for 12 months or longer after the homeowner has relocated, only to sell way below the asking price. Part of your decision in how quick you need to sell is how long you can afford the mortgage, insurance, utilities, and upkeep of two houses.
  3. Find a reliable real estate agent first, then start packing: Start this relocation process off early on because every day you wait will turn into months quickly. And for every month your Denver, CO house is on the market is not only costing you money, but the chances are you’ll get less than desired for it.  Another option to the traditional real estate agent process is to call Property Scouts. We are a respected local house buyer and we’ll make you a cash offer at a fair price.  Start by completing this form and we’ll be in touch!
  4. Calculate if you can wait it out to get your ideal price: Everyone that has a house to sell wants to get the most money they can, but one thing that too many homeowners do not consider is the cost of holding onto their old house. Consider the mortgage: Have you been there for less than 10 years? Then most of your mortgage payment is going to interest, not principal. And then there is the insurance, taxes, and upkeep. These are all expenses that will add up quickly and they are not equity building expenses either. So, the longer the house sits on the market, the more money you’re losing. Think of what you could be doing with that money once you’ve relocated! But if you can sell your house quickly to a professional house buyer like Property Scouts, you can be done with it all before you even get packed and moved! Not to mention how much money you’ll save by not having to pay commissions or fees.
  5. Time to take action: Regardless of what you decide to do in selling your Denver, CO house, once you’ve made that decision, take action.  If going with a reputable Denver, CO house real estate agent is the route you choose, great! Of if you want to go the faster route, save money on commission and fees, then give us a call at Property Scouts. ?

If time isn’t an issue and you have a great Denver, Colorado property, testing the market with a high selling price is smart. There is always that chance the right person comes along and falls in love with and has the money to pay that price.

In real estate reality though, the majority of Denver, Colorado house properties are average and look like all the houses around them. So, unless your Denver, CO property is exceptional and looks like it came out of a Home and Garden magazine article, you aren’t going to get the asking price.

Sometimes, in the case of a quick relocation setting, renting the property is a solution, waiting until the market is on the seller side. But, remember, you’ll have to maintain repairs as well as insurance and taxes.

Property Scouts has partnered with property owners in some situations by securing a lease option agreement. This is where a highly qualified purchaser rents the Denver, CO property for an agreed period before buying. We have also helped Denver, CO homeowners renegotiate a loan that helped them make their monthly payments or work a short sale with their bank.

Helping Denver, Colorado homeowners solve complicated problems are what Property Scouts is all about. We can offer you creative solutions to bridge that relocation gap and get you where you need and want to be.

Who Is Property Scouts?

 We are property investors that support our families by beautifying neighborhoods by buying Denver, Colorado houses from people that need a quick sale for any reason. We offer:

  • Fast sell – 7 days is the average time with us
  • No listing hassles
  • No commission, no fees
  • No repairs or upgrades required

We aren’t the typical real estate agent. We are passionate about the Denver, CO neighborhoods and the people living in them. We are honest and straightforward, offering Denver, CO homeowners a fair price in cash with a fast closing. Give us a call today at 866-366-4863 and chat with one of our experts. We’ll help you find the right solution for you without any obligation to work with us.

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