The Inconveniences Of Selling Your House In Denver… And How To Avoid Them

The Inconveniences Of Selling Your House In Denver… And How To Avoid Them

You’ve probably have read about how inconvenient it is to sell a Denver house these days. And you probably have read articles offering guidance and tips to avoid the more common inconveniences. Property Scouts wants to let you know that the whole house selling process does not have to be any inconvenience at all!

Yes, it is stressful when trying to sell a house in any market, even Denver, CO. And it can get expensive too with the repairs and upgrades that a real estate agent requests before they list it. And then the house showings and open houses – who needs that kind of hassle? Not to mention that the whole time your house is on the market, you’re still paying the mortgage, insurance, taxes, and utilities.

You’ve heard nightmare stories from family and friends that had their house on the market for months before they even got an offer. And then the house sits in escrow as you and buyer fulfill your obligations respectively, which can take weeks, even months. Only to have it fall through because of the appraisal, inspection, or the buyer’s funding fell through.

And Then There Are More Expenses Out Of Your Pocket

If all goes according to plan and the transaction of buying/selling happens, there are more expenses. In addition to the real estate agent’s commission, which is typically paid by the seller, there are additional closing costs and fees to be paid by the seller when you get to the closing table.

So yeah, any homeowner that puts their home up for sale have some legitimate complaints, among those complaints that we’ve heard from clients over the years:

  • Closing took too long
  • Didn’t get the price expected for the house
  • The selling process cost more than expected

But because it has become the norm within the real estate market, it is just assumed there isn’t any other way to sell a house than through a Denver, Colorado real estate agent. But Property Scouts can help you avoid those frustrating circumstances. We will pay you cash – direct to you – and close the deal within 7 days.

When you call us to sell your Denver property, it will be the most rewarding and satisfying experiences because we make it easy and fast. When you sell your house to Property Scouts directly, other benefits include:

Repairs Aren’t Required

When you sell a house in the Denver, CO market, the repairs can cost, which take away from any profit you expect and need. We all know that even the simplest cosmetic repair can go wrong and become expensive. And that’s just to satisfy your agent’s request to get the property listed. Once you have a potential buyer, they may have more repairs requested to satisfy their lender.

By working with Property Scouts to sell your Denver home, we will buy it as-is, and you will avoid the expense, hassle and time of making repairs to a house that you won’t be living in anymore. And this will put more money in your hands to do what you need and want to do. After all, if you wanted to make those repairs in the first place, you probably wouldn’t be selling it, right?

You Won’t Need To Hire Or Pay An Agent

There are some great, hard-working real estate agents out there and there are some properties that will sell better by working with a real estate agent. Yet, there are some Denver, CO houses that the seller doesn’t benefit from going with the traditional method. Such as a house that the owners need a quick sale or needs a lot of repairs. Going the traditional real estate agent process can be a gamble that the owner can’t afford. There are even some agreements in the real estate industry that the agent’s commission is paid even if they aren’t successful in selling the house! This means that if you make a connection yourself with somebody that buys your house, you are still required to pay your realtor their commission and any fees associated with the sale.

Closing Date Is Your Choice

When you sell Property Scouts your Denver, CO, the hassles and headaches of the traditional real estate method are eliminated AND, you can choose your closing date! In most of the houses we buy, we can close within 7 days, or sooner versus the weeks, even months waiting to close on a Denver house the traditional way. This gives you the ability to make your plans and you’ll collect your proceeds at closing. We offer you a cost-free, stress-free way to sell your Denver, Colorado house.

No More Holding Costs

Property Scouts offers sellers a fair and fast process to sell their Denver house. Any expenses that a seller traditionally faces when selling their home are avoided legally and quickly, like insurance, taxes, utilities, and even the maintenance and upkeep.  Every real estate investor will confirm that the longer you hold onto a Denver property, the more it will cost you.  So, going the traditional way of selling a house, the longer it sits on MLS, you could be paying thousands of dollars. Selling directly to Property Scouts for cash, you get more money in your pocket faster!

No Need To Market Your Denver, CO House

When you sell a house the traditional real estate way, your agent is of great help, but you will still have some marketing responsibilities yourself.  Those responsibilities include preparing your Denver property so that it is ready for photoshoot and showings. If you have ever looked at listings, you have seen the houses full of clutter, minimizing the appeal of the house. Therefore, any realtor will require you clean, purge, and stage the furnishing before pictures are taken. Then you must maintain the cleanliness so that it has more appeal to potential buyers. Realtors with premium listings use drone photography these days to give your property an additional benefit of being shown in its best light. There are some buyers that are anxious or desperate to sell that purchase additional marketing.

You can go through all of that, or you can sell your Denver, CO house directly to Property Scouts, and avoid all of that. Eliminate the marketing worries and the need to clean, purge, and prepare your house. Property Scouts makes the process simple so that you can make a quick sale and move on.

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