I Can’t Sell My Denver House! 6 Things You Need to Know. Call Property Scouts for help.

I Can’t Sell My Denver House! 6 Things to Know.

Do you have a Denver house that you’re trying to sell? Even though experts are saying the Denver real estate market is heating up, sellers are getting multiple orders, houses are in bidding wars, and offers are coming in over asking price? So, why hasn’t your house sold yet? Property Scouts has 6 tips that may help you get that house sold fast!

1) Get help – experienced help.

There are newbie real estate agents and investors all over this booming market in Denver that are bragging they know it all and can get it done for you. Sadly though, they don’t know it all and probably will get it done, just not fast enough.

There are many factors and nuances when it comes to selling a house. From evaluating a property to structuring a deal to financing. Your house is a sizeable investment for you, to get the most the fastest way, hire an experienced agent or work with an experienced investor.

2) Caution with the improvements you make.

Believe it or not, you can over-improve a property. While it was with the best of intentions, using an artistic, creative talent and done with exceptional craftsmanship, you can exceed in the cost of all that for what the Denver, CO market is paying for houses like yours. Remember, the person that buys your house will have their own special touch. So, stay low-key and neutral with the freshening up and upgrades.

3) Some improvements are necessary.

Buyers in the Denver market want a house that is ready-to-move-in. Anything obvious that isn’t fixed stuff scares them. Be the responsible sell and fix the small things that won’t take a lot of money or time. Things like wall plates on light switches and outlets, tighten up that banister, replace burnt light bulbs, you know, the small things. Consider spending money on a house inspection and have the report available for potential buyers to see when they come to a showing.

4) Design and style matters.

If the curb appeal to your Denver, CO house is drab, potential buyers will drive on by. Make sure the exterior is clean and manicured. On the inside, make sure the paint is fresh in a neutral color and the furniture is staged in an open and welcoming way to accents the house.

5) Pricing it right for the market, not your memories.

When a Denver, CO house gets a lot of showings, but the offers are few, you may have the house priced wrong. Review the comps and consider adjusting your asking price.

6) Your Denver house is going to sell, eventually.

We don’t have a magic formula to offer you, but we can tell you that experience in the Denver, CO real estate market can’t be replaced.

If you have a Denver, CO house that you need to sell fast, give us a call at Property Scouts. We are paying top dollar in cash today with a fast closing.  

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Help I Can’t Sell My Denver House!

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