How To Sell Your Home During A Divorce in Denver

How To Sell Your Home During A Divorce in Denver

If you’re are the process of a divorce and need to sell your Denver home, but not sure if you can or how to do, Property Scouts has a few tips. It is said that at any given time, almost half of married American’s marriages end in divorce, and Denver, CO residents are not immune to that statistic.

When many couples marry, they buy many things together, from cars to furniture, and one of their first big purchases is a home. These things become joint assets, and if the marriage ends up in divorce court, the cars and furniture can be divided up equally. The home, however, cannot be divided until it is sold, or one spouse buys out the other’s part.

Divorce is emotional and stressful enough on its own accord, and when you add in the dividing of property, like a Denver home, it becomes more stressful. One or both parties have difficulty remaining rational, but selling the house is one thing that often both parties will agree to.

When Should You Be Selling Your House During A Divorce In Denver?

The first thing that a couple in divorce proceedings needs to determine is if and when the Denver, CO house will be sold.  If there are children from the marriage living in the house, it is typical for the custodial parent to remain in the house for an agreed-upon time. That agreed time maybe until the children graduate school, and the house is placed on the market.

A Professional Real Estate Expert Can Help

Selling a home at any time can be challenging, but the process is more difficult when there is a divorce involved.  There is a lot of things going on that must be considered. Because of the emotional and financial issues involved with a Denver, Colorado home purchased during the marriage, it is wise to hire a professional expert, such as a real estate agent, broker, or investor.

The Denver home involved in a divorce can often create disagreements between the two parties, such as the selling price. By working with a professional in the real estate industry, they are a neutral 3rd party that will be able to determine a fair price and will know the best way to market the Denver, CO home.

If the divorcing couple doesn’t want to wait for the traditional real estate process, which can take 3, 6, 9, even 12 months or longer to sell the joint Denver house, another choice is to go with a reputable investment firm like Property Scouts.  An investor like us will buy the Denver house for cash and can provide a fast closing. Just contact us here and we’ll give you a fair cash price quote for your property.

Set A Timeline And Stay With It

For anyone with a Denver, Colorado house to sell because of divorce, setting a timeline is important and sticking to that time timeline is even more important. Real estate experts recommend that the house should be placed for sale before the divorce proceedings begin.

The desired closing date should be established right away and both parties should establish their moving dates. Agreement of which spouse will handle the selling process, including choosing a real estate agent.  These types of agreements need to be done in writing with both parties signing and maintaining a copy of the documents involved.

The agreement should also include any penalty to either side that breaks the agreement. This step is to ensure selling the Denver home goes smoothly and free of any surprises.

Receive A Fair Price In Cash For Both Parties

Most divorcing couples want the process of the divorce to go quickly, including selling the joint home. In the past few years, many divorcing couples have passed over the traditional real estate process and contacted real estate investors like Property Scouts.

It is important to choose a real estate investor with a positive, strong reputation like ours. We purchase Denver houses for cash and offer a quick closing, usually within 7 days. We make the process as fast and trouble-free as possible.

A divorce is stressful already, so making decisions on selling a joint property like a Denver house should be done as easy and quick as possible. Selling it the traditional way and entrusting a real estate agent is wonderful, but it is a lengthy process.

A real estate investment firm like Property Scouts will pay cash and set up a fast closing. Both parties of the divorce can walk away with cash in hand and with less stress. If you are in a divorce proceeding and would like to sell your Denver, CO house fast for cash, give us a call today.

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