How Do I Sell My House in Denver Without A Real Estate Agent?

How Do I Sell My House in Denver Without A Real Estate Agent?

If you have a house in the Denver, Colorado or the surrounding area that you want to sell fast, then going with the traditional real estate agent process isn’t the best way.  And that is where Property Scouts can help.

We will work with real estate brokers, but if you’re looking to sell fast, you need to get rid of the middleman. And if you are trying to avoid paying a commission and all the fees that the traditional real estate process requires, Property Scouts can help you with your Denver, CO house.

Having to pay 5-6% commission of the total sale price of a house is a ton of money, often times tens of thousands of dollars. Now Denver, CO brokers and real estate agents are helpful and useful, and they do earn their commission – in most cases, but not always.

So How Can You Sell Your Denver, Colorado House Without An Agent?

There are several ways to do this and avoid the tricky customs of the real estate industry, like the commission and additional fees that are paid by the seller. Did you know that for most house sales in the Denver, Colorado, part of the commission the seller pays will go to the buyer’s agent or broker?

As a Denver, CO seller, that doesn’t make a lot of sense does it? Why should the seller pay for the buyer’s agent? To Property Scouts, this completely defies logic, but this is how it has always been done and is accepted as ‘normal’ and ‘standard process’.

There Are Ways To Use This To Your Advantage Though

First, as you review comparable sales in your neighborhood, you should factor in the commissions that will be paid at closing. Study to see if the commissions were included in the final sale price for the houses that are comparable to yours.

Next, do not underprice your house! The savvy buyer will try to get a deeper cut in the price than what you’re already priced at. So, by not working with a real estate agent, you’ll save money there. Buyers in the Denver, CO that do not have an agent representing them won’t attempt, or even know they can ask for a lower price or for the seller to pay the agent commission. Don’t offer it but don’t be surprised if they ask for it either.

You can always offer to pay as much as 2.5% of the buyer’s agent if they are how the buyer found your Denver, Colorado house. Yes, that small percentage comes out to be a pretty hefty commission, but that is where the art of negotiation comes into play. But, if you aren’t willing to offer this 2.5%, you could be narrowing down the list of potential Denver, Colorado buyers.

Most Real Estate Transactions Are Through MLS

More than 90% of all real estate transactions go through the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), the main database that all the real estate agents and brokers in the Denver, CO area use. They use this information to locate houses for a buyer to see and to get comps on houses in neighborhoods for sellers.

In the old days, a seller would have to pay a full commission to get their house listed on the MLS. But today, fewer agents and brokers in the Denver, CO area are charging that fee anymore. Instead, the seller only pays the commission when the agent or broker gets the house sold.

Why do they use MLS instead of placing ads in the local newspaper? MLS is cheaper and easier to use and has a larger audience. Even if you find a house on any of the real estate sites like or Zillow, that information you see came from the MLS. And if you list your house directly to MLS, it will be on those sites too.

Are Those Sites Helpful?

The sites like and Zillow offer sellers a package deal that can include enhancing your ad, posting it at the top of searches, and other bonuses. They charge sellers for these ads, but they have a targeted audience. Chances are that people that are looking at these sites are looking for a house.

Any kind of advertising is a gamble, so a real estate broker or agent may have an open house for a Denver, Colorado property. Sometimes these will pay off and bring in multiple offers and sometimes, they don’t get any activity.  The same can be said about placing ads in the Denver, CO newspapers, posting on Craigslist, or putting out fancy signs. Sometimes these things work and sometimes they don’t work.

For A House To Sell, You Need Effective Marketing

Yes, you will get some calls from fliers and signage, and those free websites will bring you some phone calls too. But if your house doesn’t appeal to the average buyer, those things aren’t going to be enough to get it sold.

So, when you look at the commission a real estate agent makes, consider how much money and time they put into selling the house. They may spend thousands of dollars on advertising a property that never sells if the right buyer doesn’t come along.

Avoid Paying A Commission and Sell To An Investor For CASH!

Property Scouts pays a fair price in cash for Denver, CO properties and we have a quick closing too, with the average time being 7 days. Sometimes we buy Denver, Colorado houses and make repairs and upgrades, then rent them out. Sometimes we buy Denver, Colorado houses, make repairs and upgrades and sell them.

We buy houses from people that have different reasons they are looking for a cash sale and quick closing. We don’t care why they are selling them, because we are investing in the house, not the person.  We are buying houses that we know we can make better and make Denver, Colorado better too.

We will pay you cash for your house with closing in 7 days or less. Call us today at 866-366-4863 or complete this short form and you’ll have a quote in 24 hours or less.

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