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Looking For Home Buyers in Denver…
We Have Analyzed Three Ways To Sell A Denver House

Are you looking for somebody to buy your Denver, CO house? If you’re not having any luck, maybe Property Scouts can help!  We have made some analyzations over the years, and even with the flux in the market changing every day, there are three ways that can get your Denver, CO house sold.

Buying a house is a large commitment and investment for most people. The process of that can be complex, confusing, frightening. Over the years, these three options have proven to work for homeowners like you wanting to sell a Denver house.

Method Number One: Real Estate Agent

Placing your house with a real estate agent is the common and traditional way for selling your home. This method is you, the agent, and prospective buyers, with the agent representing you, and most likely the prospective buyers have an agent representing them. The goal is to have a win-win-win-win for all parties concerned. You get what you’re asking, they pay what they want, and the agents walk away with a commission check.

The process is long, on average, three to six months, sometimes a year or more. This is for a seller that doesn’t have a short timeline an doesn’t mind waiting it out. The real estate agent will get them as close to their asking price, request the seller do some repairs or replacements around their Denver house. You must keep it clean for showings, including keeping pets out or contained at the very least.

Method Number Two: FSBO

The FSBO method (for sale by owner) is the homeowner that doesn’t want to pay that commission fee, they don’t want to deal with an agent. They do their advertising, show the Denver house themselves, and do their own negotiating.

This is like that of going with a real estate agent, and this doesn’t mean they will get it done any quicker. They may still have to do repairs and replacements around the house to get it sold, but because they aren’t paying commissions, they feel they have the money.

Method Number Three: Sell Direct

This method is quickly becoming the more popular way, especially for Denver homeowners that need to sell fast. This process is different in several ways compared to the other two methods. It is easier – there isn’t any house showing, appraisals or inspections. It is faster because you’re dealing directly with the buyer. And it is less expensive because you won’t have any commissions to pay and you aren’t required to do any repairs or replacements!

A Denver homeowner makes a phone call or fill out a form to a professional home buyer like Property Scouts. They are contacted, provide some information, and this direct buyer makes a top dollar offer that will be paid in cash at closing. No red tape, no long process. Your Denver, CO house is sold fast within 7 days or less.

If you aren’t sure which of the three methods we’ve discussed here are for you, then complete our form or give us a call at 866-366-4863 and one of our teams members will explain the three methods to you, answer any questions or concerns.

Property Scouts is a professional home buying company that is paying cash for homes in Denver, CO and the surrounding areas. We are buying homes in any condition for any reason. We’ll make you an offer, and if you accept, we’ll be closing on the deal within 7 days or less! Call us today at 866-366-4863.

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