Cash House Buyers in Denver, Is Making Repairs To My Denver House Necessary To Sell It?

Cash house buyers in Denver – Is Making Repairs To My House Necessary To Sell It?

The quick and short answer is no. But if you are going to sell it the traditional real estate way, then yeah, you’re going to have to put more money into it to get it sold. But then, you may not get what you’re asking for it anyway.

You can choose to sell your house for cash to an investor like Property Scouts, and then you won’t need to worry about any repairs or upgrades. We are a local investor that pays cash for Denver, Colorado houses, working with homeowners that need to sell fast for whatever reason, and we offer quick closing in as little as 7 days!

Sometimes the homeowners in Denver, Colorado that call us need to move for family matters, or they have found themselves in a house that is consuming more money and time than they have. Some homeowners will call us for a cash offer on their house simply because being a homeowner wasn’t all they thought it would be – the prefer the renter lifestyle.

Why Are Cash House Buyers In Denver Buying As-Is Houses In The Denver, Colorado Market?

We buy houses as-is that won’t sell on the open market in the traditional real estate method. We are paying cash for houses that are in dis-repair and rundown and then fix them up and either resell them or rent them out.

And because we are paying cash for these Denver houses, you won’t have to worry with a bank appraisal or inspection. By paying cash, we, not a bank, determine if a house is in a worthwhile condition.

In the normal real estate process, when buying a house via the traditional bank method, a house that is dis-repair won’t be approved for financing. The bank will require the house be brought up to a certain standard, requiring the seller to makes repairs and upgrades before they will approve a loan. Banks see Denver, CO houses in dis-repair as a high risk. They don’t lend money for a “fixer-upper” house.

And that mindset leaves a lot of potential homeowners without a viable option to sell a house they no longer need or want because it shrinks the buyer pool by as much as 95%.

That Is Where Property Scouts Comes In

Property Scouts are investors that pay cash for Denver, CO houses. We have a different business model than most in this industry. We want to help homeowners that are needing to sell their house quickly, whether it needs repairs or not, and they need cash.

With the help of local partners, we will fix up the house, adding value to the neighborhood, and then sell a “move-in” ready house to a new homeowner. We take on the expense of all repairs and all closing costs. We handle all the paper and physical work, making it easier on the seller.

Our goal is to give the seller a no-hassle process that is easy and fast so that you can go forward with your life and leaves your worries behind.

We Are Buying Houses In Denver, CO Regardless Of Condition or Reason.

Call Us Today at 866-366-4863 or complete this Form and you’ll have a cash offer within 24 hours.  

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